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We offer a simple, User-Friendly format, and eliminate customer confusion.


Fast Transactions from person to person, or business to business.


The Connecter offers no additional transaction or sign-up fees.


The connecter prioritizes the privacy and security.

Our Mission & Vision

The Connecter is devoted to offering individuals freedom over their well-earned finances with the potential to even capitalize and earn. The Connecter values utilization, accessibility, simplicity, security, and privacy of finances.

Additionally, the platform values client care and offers individuals 24/7 accessibility to customer support services, as well as educational tutorials and opportunities. Individuals deserve to have their autonomy and maintain financial self-efficacy and The Connecter can make that possible!

“The Connecter is an amazing platform! The mission and values, such as, privacy, utility, efficiency and accessibility are aligned with my goals and values.”

Lauren F.

Future Customer

“I like that The Connecter is a DeFi platform. Have to be honest that the bank I used to work for has changed so much over the years and gradually became a data collection agency for the government. What The Connecter is doing is very exciting, people need privacy and don’t want to be tracked all the time.”



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Q4: 2022

TCC Smart Contract Deployment

Q4: 2022

The Connecter Mobile App MVP

Simple & Familiar user interface to help facilitate mass adoption.

The Connecter will fix the current problems of crypto being too complex, too risky, and not designed for normal people, by providing users with a very unique & easy interface that they are already familiar with. Future customers will be able to use our platform without even knowing it's DeFi and yet they can still get the benefits that crypto & blockchain has to offer.

Take back control of your own money. Your Account = Your Money

Traditional financial institutions are centralized, meaning that your bank account is custodial and contains third-party ownership. However, The Connecter offers non-custodial accounts accessible to anyone. This enables users to hold and own their money while having full control of their funds, thus increasing privacy and account security.

Let's talk about Savings.

No matter if you are an individual user, or a business, everyone will receive the lowest fees on the market. For example, the average restaurant owner can pay up to $40,000 annually fees and DeFi with The Connecter will bring that down roughly 500% to $6,700 annually.

Use Your Crypto like Normal Money.

Right now users cannot easily pay their bills, or tap their phone in store to pay for their coffee with crypto. The Connecter brings true utility to cryptocurrency so that it can better the everyday lives of its users.


Your tool for financial freedom- the first financial instrument that values your privacy and does not collect or store any of your personal information.

Experience complete transparency, privacy, security, and savings. Have full confidence in your private bank that is always with you, that you control.

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